Tapping into the Power of the Prosumer

Fundamentally Transforming Industries

New technologies are constantly emerging. Some are expensive and a burden to maintain. Others create new capacity and opportunity, but do not necessarily make things faster or easier. Most truly transformational technology breakthroughs that are successful are so because at the foundation it was created so that it can be leveraged to reach its full potential.

While a creating and managing a leverage technology is challenging, its real value is that it has the potential to exponentially increase with stable — or even diminishing resources. Such powerful technologies can evolve at a much faster rate because they are fundamentally designed to more adapt more quickly to change.

Much of the demand for change is driven by the end-user, or the customer. Consumers have very specific needs and tastes. They want to be able to customize and create exactly what they want. And of course, they desire to have it immediately.

In the past, the relationship between customer and business used to be pretty straightforward. A business would create a good or service, then customers decided whether or not to purchase it. Today technology has fundamentally changed this relationship as now both the producers and consumers have access to the same tools and are often the ability to share them.

Technology is a Disruptive Force

What is at the forefront of this wave of technological change is that more sophisticated technologies have become increasingly accessible for use. This accessibility inspires a growing digital culture that not only has democratized access for most consumers, but is also produces products and services that are constantly evolving, innovating and improving at a rapid rate.

Technology Leveraged Paradigms

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

No longer simply passive, today’s customers have become active prosumers that are dynamic and engaged. More than ever before, companies have come to rely on this influential, mutually-beneficial relationship for product development and increasing market growth.  As a result there is a strengthened, emotional involvement and bond as prosumers continue to connect and interact contribute to the products they care about.

In the mist of relentless technological change, the digital world we live in is dramatically improving the way products and services are created and delivered. As customers are increasingly able to interact with a favorite brand or company, one of the many benefits is that there is often a welcomed synergy between increasing capabilities and decreasing costs.

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