The Lifestyle Economy: Prosumers in Motion

An Ecosystem of Complex Factors

A lifestyle is a way of living on a day-to-day basis. It is a composite of physical, social, psychological and economic circumstances for both individuals and groups.

Work and leisure have the most significant influence on lifestyles. Lifestyles can be defined by living environments and culture as well. In modern society, lifestyle choices often reflect attitudes and way of viewing the world.

While it is different for each individual, prosumers as a segment are generally focused on the desire to meet more of their own needs.

Prosumer lifestyle choices are often highly-integrated with little separation between their home and work lives. They also have an independent nature that is not confined by location, application, timeframe or a specific device. Prosumers tend to seek simple, seamless solutions for what they want and see technology as a means to have increased participation and a greater influence on the lives they want for themselves, their friends and their families.

As a result, prosumers prefer to engage with companies and brands that recognize this and tend to build strong relationships with the brands that support the lifestyles they desire.

The Lifestyle Economy

Self-Directed Decision-Making

Spanning a spectrum of individual factors, prosumers are primarily driven by one of three main reasons for making specific lifestyle-related choices. They seek either (1) efficiency, (2) enjoyment or (3) health and wellness as the main determinants.

While not all lifestyle circumstances are voluntary, prosumers are mainly motivated to seek lifestyle choices that cater to their emphasis on self-reliance through a connected world.

This trend toward making more conscious choices requires a high degree of flexibility for the brands that cater to them. The economic impact is felt by companies and brands across the globe as prosumers compel the transition to become more actively involved in the design, production and delivery of what they consume.

Prosumer Brands Focus on an Engaged Lifestyle

Lifestyle-oriented companies in particular are seeking ways to build relationships with prosumers as a way to capture untapped growth opportunities. A new form of brand leadership has emerged that has shifted demand beyond the product or service itself to include, social interaction, ethics, sustainability, convenience.

As early adopters in a world that is rapidly changing, the prosumer’s perceptions and consumption habits have also changed. Prosumers are making very specific and mindful choices of which companies and organizations to support as they have come to realize the power they have in influencing not just the marketplace— but society as a whole.

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