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The impact of Prosumers on the global market has been undeniable. From its humble beginnings in 1980, when the term was first coined, the Prosumer has offered revolutionary change to markets and economies at all levels because of unprecedented levels of technologically-enabled innovation and disruption.

The Prosumer Index takes a different approach to consumer analysis. We are solely focused on consumer-producer driven products and services that are rapidly emerging as the result of select market, demographic, lifestyle and technology changes. These transformations are significantly influencing the new economies of the future.


The Prosumer Index has been created and developed by an experienced team of marketing and media experts, each with an average of 25 years experience. It is a collaborative result of individuals with diverse accomplishments and complementary skills that blend creativity, data and technology to strategically capture the elements and evolution of long-term consumer-driven growth that thrive on innovation and disruption.

Due to rapid advances in technology, the way to define and discover value has significantly changed. Prosumers add value every step of the way. As a result the Prosumer ecosystem is one of the fastest-growing segments in the market today. Our commitment to being on the forefront of this emerging landscape is to go beyond traditional business development strategies, marketing solutions and product creation to seek impactful growth potential.

Our research analysis and ideas are supported by a network of strategic partners, industry support and expertise that explores and embraces opportunities that benefit from the new economies that Prosumers are directly influencing.


New challenges require new thinking. With the goal of making intelligent and informed market-driven decisions, we seek to provide necessary resources — as well as access — to the most comprehensive information about Prosumers available. Our deep understanding and extensive research allows us to recognize and capitalize on truly transformative opportunities.

The Prosumer Index has been developed for educational purposes only and does not offer investment advice, nor offer the sale of securities of any of the companies in the index.

We always welcome your feedback so don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or comments.

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