The Prosumer Index

A benchmark to track 500 of the top global brands that derive significant revenue from customers who cultivate, co-create and consume their products and services.

In order to be included the product or service must participate in at least one of five new economy marketplaces – the Platform Economy, Experience Economy, Sharing Economy, Lifestyle Economy or Circular Economy. The proprietary framework for the index looks at multiple factors of products and services that benefit from a technology-enabled consumer/producer relationship that results in high-engagement, strong branding and operational excellence. The Prosumer Index has been developed for educational purposes only and does not offer investment advice, nor offer the sale of securities of any of the companies in the index.
Depending on your device, the index components may take a moment to load.  Select to sort and view individual economy participants.

The Prosumer Index is free for educational use. For all other purposes, it must be licensed.